(a)   Selective harvesting of timber may be allowed pursuant to Section 1201.01 (Riparian and Wetland Buffers).
   (b)   Such plans shall be prepared by a Certified Arborist and accepted by the Director.
   (c)   The Forest Management Plan must specify:
      (1)   The Development site will be adequately stocked after the approved selective harvest;
      (2)   That trees located less than 25 feet from the Ordinary High Water Mark will not be impacted by the proposed harvesting;
      (3)   The location of any skid and haul roads required for transporting harvested trees from riparian and wetland setbacks;
      (4)   The method to be used to transport harvested trees from riparian and wetland setbacks;
      (5)   The erosion control BMPs/SCMs that will be employed during and after the proposed harvest. These erosion control practices shall be in conformance with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry's BMPs/SCMs for Erosion Control on Logging Jobs in Ohio; and
      (6)   The US Army Corps of Engineers and the Ohio EPA Wetland and Stream protection permit numbers.
         (Ord. 2017-17.  Passed 3-15-17.)