1193.01 GENERAL.
   All Developments shall be constructed and maintained so that adjacent properties are not unreasonably burdened with surface waters as a result of such developments. More specifically:
   (a)   No Development may be constructed or maintained so that such Development unreasonably impedes the natural flow of water from higher adjacent properties across such Development, thereby unreasonably causing substantial damage to such higher adjacent properties; and
   (b)   No Development may be constructed or maintained so that surface waters from such Development are unreasonably collected and channeled onto lower adjacent properties at such locations or at such volumes as to cause substantial damage to such lower adjacent properties.
   (c)   If there are any conflicts between provisions of Chapter 1193 and other sections of the Kent Codified Ordinances, then sections of Chapter 1193 shall control, or whichever is more restrictive.
      (Ord. 2017-17.  Passed 3-15-17.)