(a)   Preconstruction Meeting and Work Schedule. A preconstruction meeting will be held with the City Development Engineer prior to the commencement of any project. At this time the project will be discussed in regard to procedure, plans, materials, inspections, etc.
   (b)   Construction Inspections.
      (1)   Responsible official. The City Development Engineer shall be responsible for the inspection of all improvements.
      (2)   Authority and duties of inspectors. Inspectors for the City shall be authorized to inspect any work done and all materials furnished. Such inspection may extend to all or any part of the work  and to the preparation, fabrication or manufacture of the materials to be used. The inspector shall not be authorized to revoke, alter or waive any requirements of the specifications or plans. He/she shall be authorized to call the attention of the contractor to any failure of the work or materials to conform to the specifications and contract. He/she shall have the authority to reject materials which do not meet specification requirements or suspend the portion of the work involved until any question at issue can be referred to and decided by the Deputy Service Director/Superintendent of Engineering. Inspection during the installation of improvements shall be made by the inspector to insure conformity with the approved plans and specifications as contained in the subdivider's construction agreement. (See Section 1181.05 for fees.) 
(Ord. 2002-106.  Passed 11-6-02)
      (3)   Final inspection. Upon completion of all the improvements, the subdivider shall request in writing a final inspection by the City Development Engineer. The Deputy Service Director/Superintendent of Engineering shall make a final inspection of improvements.
(Ord. 2002-106.  Passed 11-6-02)
   (c)   Construction Responsibilities.
      (1)   Cooperation of subdivider and/or contractor. The subdivider and/or contractor shall have available on the project at all times, two approved copies of all required plans and specifications. He/she shall cooperate with the inspector and with other contractors in every way possible. The subdivider and/or contract or shall at all times have a competent superintendent acting as his/her agent on the project. The superintendent shall be capable of reading and thoroughly understanding the plans and specifications. He/she shall have full authority to execute the plans and specifications and to promptly supply such materials, tools, plant equipment and labor as may be required. A superintendent shall be furnished irrespective of the amount of work sublet.
(Ord. 1971-110. Passed 9-8-71.)
      (2)   Work schedules. The subdivider and/or contractor shall submit work schedules to the City Development Engineer. Work which has not been properly scheduled shall not be accepted by the City Development Engineer.
(Ord. 1971-130. Passed 11-17-71.)
      (3)   Grade stakes. Pavement and pipe grade stakes shall be set at twenty five foot intervals on horizontal and vertical curves and for all grades less than one percent. Tangent pavement grades and pipe grades over one percent may be set at a maximum interval of fifty feet. The inspector may ask for addition al grade stakes if it is deemed necessary.
      (4)   Repair of damage. Any damage done to the improvements by construction traffic, local traffic or by any other means shall be repaired or the damaged materials replaced before the next item of construction is begun.
      (5)   Final cleaning up. Upon completion of the work and before acceptance, the subdivider and/or contractor shall clean all ground occupied or affected by him in connection with the work. The entire area shall be left in a neat and presentable condition satisfactory to the inspector.
      (6)   Maintenance of improvements of dedicated streets. The subdivider shall be responsible for the maintenance of the improvements during the construction period and shall be responsible for providing the services necessary to guarantee access to all occupied lots, until final acceptance of the improvements by the City
Development Engineer. The subdivider shall be notified by the City Development Engineer or Planning Commission of the need for such maintenance or service. If the subdivider fails to perform such necessary maintenance or service within a time specified by the City Development Engineer, the Deputy Service Director/Superintendent of Engineering may perform such maintenance or service and bill the subdivider for such service. Payment shall be guaranteed by the performance bond. In addition, the subdivider shall maintain all improvements for such periods specified in Section 1189.04(d).
(Ord. 2002-106.  Passed 11-6-02)