1187.05  LOTS.
   (a)   Zoning Conformance.  The lot size, width, depth and the minimum building set back lines shall conform to the existing township or City zoning regulations.
   (b)   Corner Lots. Corner lots shall have extra width to permit appropriate building setback from and orientation to both streets.
   (c)   Access to Public Streets. The subdividing of land shall provide each lot with access to an existing public street.
   (d)   Double frontage Lot.  Lots shall not be laid out so that they have frontage on more than one street except:
      (1)   Where the lots are adjacent to the intersection of two streets;
      (2)   Where it is necessary to separate residential lots from major arterial thoroughfares. Where double frontage lots are created adjacent to major arterial thorough fares, a reserve strip along the major arterial thoroughfare shall be deeded to the City. The plat shall state that there shall be no right of access across such reserve strip. The Planning Commission may require that a six foot high solid board fence or masonry wall be constructed or that a ten foot wide planting screen be provided.
   (e)   Lot Lines. Lot lines shall be substantially at right angles or radial to street lines. Lot lines should follow municipal, township and county boundary lines rather than cross them insofar as possible.
(Ord. 1971-110. Passed 9-8-71.)