Drawings showing cross sections, profiles, elevations, construction details, specifications and cost estimates, and all calculations and computations for all required improvements shall be prepared by a professional engineer. The improvement plans shall be prepared as directed by the City Development Engineer and subject to his/her approval.
   If it becomes necessary to modify the improvements as approved, due to unforeseen circumstances, the subdivider shall inform the City Development Engineer in writing of the conditions requiring the modifications. Written authorization from the City Development Engineer to make the required modification must be received before proceeding with the construction of the improvement.
   At the completion of the construction and before acceptance, the subdivider shall furnish the City Development Engineer a set of linen or mylar tracings for permanent record, showing the locations, sizes and elevations of all improvements as constructed. "As built" drawings showing all lateral locations, depth and all utility service connections, shall be provided.
(Ord. 1998-17. Passed 2-18-98)