(a)   Authority of Review and Approval.  The City Development Engineer is authorized to represent the Planning Commission in the review and approval of a minor subdivision, and to endorse the conveyance of a parcel or parcels of land in a minor subdivision for transfer without plat.
   (b)   Submission Requirements.  Any person proposing to create a minor subdivision shall submit the following to the City Development Engineer:
      (1)   A legal description of the parcel or parcels sought to be transferred, on a conveyance of the parcel or parcels.
      (2)   Two copies of a private survey by a registered surveyor of the parcel or parcels sought to be transferred. (See Appendix A. )
      (3)   Minor subdivision fees. (See Section 1181.05.)
   (c)   Action by City Development Engineer.  Within seven working days after submission of a minor subdivision or within a mutually agreed upon extension, the City Development Engineer shall either approve or disapprove the application for transfer without plat. If the City Development Engineer does not approve the transfer without plat, the applicant shall be notified in writing of the reason for disapproval. If the City Development Engineer approves the transfer without plat, the conveyance shall be stamped: "Approved by Kent City Planning Commission; no plat required, " and the signature of the City Development Engineer affixed along with the date of such approval. The approval shall expire within sixty days, unless the conveyances are recorded in the office of the County Recorder during such period.
   (d)   Action by Health Commissioner. The City Development Engineer shall, within seven days after submission of a minor subdivision, submit the proposed subdivision to the Health Commissioner who shall approve or disapprove building sites for individual sewer systems. If disapproved, the Health Commissioner shall notify the owner of the reasons for disapproval.
(Ord. 1998-17. Passed 2/18/98)