The subdivider's cash bond shall not be released until fulfillment of the following conditions:
   (a)   All required land improvements shall be installed within a period of two years after the recording of the plat. Failure of the subdivider to complete all of the improvements within this two year period shall result in forfeiture of the cash bond unless an extension of time is requested by the subdivider and granted by the Director of Public Service. In the event of failure to complete the improvements in the required period, as stated herein, the Director of Public Service may direct that no further building permits be issued for property in such subdivision pending satisfaction of the Director of Public Service in regard to the status of the required land improvements.
(Ord. 1971-130. Passed 11-17- 71.)
   (b)   An affidavit to the effect that all materials, labor and other costs have been paid so as to hold the City free from any obligation for payment of any costs of the land improvements; that the subdivider accepts responsibility for the maintenance and repair of all land improvements for one year after the date of the acceptance by ordinance of Council of all land improvements.
      (Ord. 1971-110. Passed 9-8-71.)
   (c)   Final acceptance of all land improvements by ordinance of Council upon recommendation of the Director of Public Service.
      (Ord. 1971-130. Passed 11-17-71.)