1181.06  VARIANCES.
   The Planning Commission may recommend variances to these Subdivision Regulations as specified herein where unusual or exceptional factors or conditions require such modification provided that the Planning Commission shall:
   (a)   Find that unusual topographical or exceptional physical conditions exist.
   (b)   Find that strict compliance with these Regulations would create an extraordinary hardship in the face of the exceptional conditions.
   (c)   Permit any modification to depart from these Regulations only to the extent necessary to remove the extraordinary hardship.
   (d)   Find that any modification granted will not be detrimental to the public interest nor in conflict with the intent and purpose of these Regulations.
   (e)   Require such other conditions to be met by the proposed plat as the Planning Commission may find necessary to accomplish the purposes of these Regulations when modified.
   (f)   Any variance shall accompany the proposed plat with appropriate justification.
(Ord. 1971-110. Passed 9-8-71.)