1181.05  FEES.
   (a)   Filing Fees.   Filing fees in the amount fixed as follows shall be paid when the application for a schedule is submitted.
      (1)   Minor subdivision: $20.00 plus $5.00 per lot.
      (2)   Major subdivision
         A.   Preliminary Plan Fees:  $50.00 plus: $5.00 per lot.
         B.   Final Plat Fees:  $50.00 plus: $5.00 per lot to cover the cost of filing the approved plat with the County Recorder.
         C.   Preliminary Plan Time Extension Fee:  $10.00.
         D.   Preliminary Plan Resubmittal Fee:  Where the approved preliminary plan has not been changed by the approval period has expired, the fee shall be one half of the preliminary plan fee for refiling of the preliminary plan.
      (3)   Payment. The filing fee shall be paid in legal tender or by check or money order made payable to the City of Kent, Ohio, and deposited with the Service Director .
      (4)   Refunds. In the event that a plat is withdrawn by the subdivider before any physical inspection of the site has been made, then the Planning Commission may order that the subdivider be refunded an amount not to exceed one half the fee paid.
(Ord. 1983-90. Passed 7-27-83.)
   (b)   Plan Checking and Field Inspection Fees. At the time such plans, profiles and specifications are submitted for review, the subdivider shall prepare an estimate of cost of all improvements which shall be verified by the City Development Engineer. The subdivider shall deposit an amount of money equal to seven percent of the estimated cost at the time the subdivider posts their cash bond. This shall cover the cost of all plan review, checking, and field inspections made by the City or on the City's behalf for the project.
(Ord. 1998-65. Passed 8-12-98)