(a)   Abandoned Wells.
      (1)   In the event that a well is to be abandoned, it shall be the responsibility of the certificate holder to notify the Zoning Inspector of such abandonment in writing before the well is abandoned and the equipment removed.
      (2)   The well site shall be pulled and/or plugged upon abandonment.
      (3)   All above ground structures and appurtenances shall be removed.
   (b)   Site Restoration:
      (1)   All abandoned well sites shall be restored in so far as possible to their original condition and grade.
      (2)   All landscaping shall be preserved, if feasible and if desired by the property owner.
      (3)   It shall be the responsibility of the certificate holder to clear the site of all equipment, rubbish and/or refuse.
   (c)   Bond Required:
      (1)   The Director of Service shall require that a cash bond or surety bond in the amount of Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000.00) be deposited with the City to cover any damages caused to streets, sidewalks or other public property caused as a result of the well abandonment.
      (2)   The bond shall be submitted to the Director of Service prior to the commencement of abandonment.