A "drilling unit" is defined as the minimum acreage on which one (1) well for oil, gas or other hydrocarbons may be drilled and/or operated.
   (a)   The minimum acreage required to establish a drilling unit shall be the same as that set forth by the Chief of the Division of Oil & Gas, Ohio Department of Natural Resources in accordance with Section 1509.24 of the Ohio Revised Code.
      (1)   Submission of a valid State of Ohio well permit pursuant to Section 1173.04 of this Chapter shall be considered proof of compliance with the minimum acreage requirement for a drilling unit in the City of Kent.
   (b)   The owners of adjoining tracts of land may agree to "pool" or combine their properties in order to form a drilling unit.
      (1)   Land pooling shall be conducted in accordance with Sections 1509.26 through 1509.27 of the Ohio Revised Code.
      (2)   No more than six (6) adjoining tracts of land shall be pooled for the purpose of forming a drilling unit.
   (c)   Acreage pooled as part of a previously established drilling unit may not be pooled as part of another separate drilling unit.