All access roads to well and tank sites shall comply with the following specifications as set forth below:
   (a)   The access drive shall be provided at a location with adequate site distance along the street. The location shall not interfere with the operation of other points of access to the street.
   (b)   The point of access shall be staked and clearly marked for City inspection and approval of the location.
   (c)   For curbed streets, the curb shall be lowered by sawing and grinding to a level of 1 1/2 to 2 inches above the gutter for a width of twenty (20) feet centered upon the approved location.
   (d)   For streets with open ditches, a drainage conduit, of a size and type approved by the City, forty five (45) feet long shall be installed in the ditch line. The conduit shall be installed to the grade of the existing ditch or to the grade established by the City and shall be bedded in twelve (12) inches of No. 57 limestone.
   (e)   At the entrance to the well access road(s) a gate with a locking device shall be erected with permanent markings identifying the well operator, well identification number, operator's address and a 24 hour emergency phone number.
   (f)   The drive shall be constructed sixteen (16) feet wide, flaring to twenty four (24) feet wide at the street, by first removing all top soil and installing twelve (12) inches of crushed limestone base material and three (3) inches of No. 57 limestone surface for a distance of one hundred (100) feet from the edge of the street pavement.
   (g)   The site and drive shall be maintained in a condition adequate to prevent mud and debris from being tracked onto the City street(s). All vehicles shall clean their tires and wheels of mud and debris before entering the City street(s).
   (h)   Vehicles equipped with other than rubber tires or treads are prohibited from operating on City streets.
   (i)   The route for access to the site over City streets shall be approved by the City.
   (j)   Any damage to City streets or City property shall be immediately repaired and/or corrected; failure to make the repairs and corrections shall constitute a forfeiture of the access road bond.