Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots
1169.01   Purpose.
1169.02   Continuance.
1169.03   Administration.
1169.04   Unsafe Structures.
1169.05   Alterations to Structures Containing a Nonconforming Use.
1169.06   Internal Alterations, Improvements, or Reconstruction, Wear and Tear, and Maintenance of a Nonconforming Use.
1169.07   Alterations to Nonconforming Structures Containing a Conforming Use.
1169.08   Restoration.
1169.09   Previously Approved Construction.
1169.10   Displacing a Conforming Use.
1169.11   Discontinuance or Abandonment.
1169.12   Substitution of Uses.
1169.13   Certificates of Nonconforming Use.
1169.14   District Changes.
1169.15   Existing Conditionally Permitted Uses.