(a)   When a parking area is located within twenty (20) feet of a side or rear lot line, perimeter buffering shall effectively conceal parking areas and interior driveways from adjoining property with the use of earthen mounds, planting strips, hedges, walls or fencing for visual separation from adjoining property.
   (b)   Buffering shall be provided, in accordance with Section 1168.12 and remain unoccupied, except for landscape treatments such as trees, plantings, earth mounds, terraces, shrubs, permitted signs, and driveways (generally perpendicular to the right-of-way line).
   (c)   Landscaping materials shall be installed to provide a minimum of fifty (50) percent winter opacity and a seventy (70) percent summer opacity, to a height of four (4) feet within four (4) years after installation.
   (d)   Buffering of the parking area along any right-of-way shall be partially opaque and have a maximum height of three (3) feet and shall not obstruct sight distance at drive accessways. 
(Ord. 2014-09.  Passed 2-19-14.)