(a)   A separate detailed Landscaping Plan shall be submitted for any property to which this Chapter applies as part of the Site Plan or Development Plan review process.
      (1)   When new development, or the expansion of an existing structure, involves the construction of more than seven thousand five hundred (7,500) square feet of gross floor area the applicant shall furnish a separate detailed Landscaping Plan prepared by a landscape architect in the State of Ohio; and
      (2)   Landscaping Plans shall show location, spacing, size, variety and other pertinent data concerning existing and proposed landscaping materials.
   (b)   The Landscaping Plan must be drawn at a reasonable scale to indicate all types of proposed landscape improvements at a minimum of one inch equals thirty feet (1" = 30') and shall include at least the following information:
      (1)   North arrow and scale;
      (2)   Name of the applicant/owner;
      (3)   Name, address and phone number of the person or firm responsible for the preparation of the Landscaping Plan;
      (4)   Dates on which the plan was submitted or revised;
      (5)   All existing and proposed buildings and other structures, paved areas, planted areas, fencing, walls, water outlets, utility poles, fire hydrants, luminaires, underground utilities, signs, fences, dumpster locations, and other permanent features to be added to or retained on the site;
      (6)   All existing plant material to be removed or retained and all proposed additions or changes to landscaping, buffering, and walkways, illustrating existing natural land features including, but not limited to: trees, forest cover, and water resources (Water resources include ponds, lakes, streams, wetlands, flood plains, and drainage ditches and retention areas, rivers, and any other body of water or waterway).
      (7)   A schedule of all new landscaping materials to be installed. The plant list shall include the common name, specified installation size, and on-center planting dimensions when applicable. When the list of plant material to be removed contains existing trees, the Landscaping Plan shall justify that building location and placement has been developed with due consideration given to minimizing removal of trees. Quantities of plant material required shall be referenced on the plan;
      (8)   Locations and dimensions of existing and/or proposed streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, railroad tracks, paths, walkways, bikeways, and/or other impervious surfaces, in addition to illustrating natural and man-made streetscaping such as paving materials, vegetative materials, and material and design of street furniture;
      (9)   All property lines and easements;
      (10)   Details shall be shown for the planting of trees, shrubs and ground cover within the buffered or landscaped area;
      (11)   Proposed irrigation fixtures shall also be shown, including, but not limited to the location and type of all sprinkler heads, the size of mainline and irrigation piping, the location and size of water meters and all valves, and the location of back flow prevention devices and irrigation controllers;
      (12)   Location and description of any and all storm water management or low impact development techniques used in site design (i.e. rain gardens, detention/retention ponds, filter strips, et cetera); and
      (13)   Any other information which is determined necessary by the Community Development Director or Planning Commission for adequate review of the proposal.  (Ord. 2014-09.  Passed 2-19-14.)