1168.01  PURPOSE.
   (a)   The intent of this Chapter is to promote the public health, safety and welfare of the community by establishing minimum standards and requirements for the maintenance of existing natural amenities, and the design and installation of landscape improvements. Landscaping is viewed as a critical element of the physical environment contributing to the quality of aesthetics, development quality, stability of property values, and the overall improved character of the City. The standards and requirements provided by this Chapter are intended to help achieve the following functional and environmental objectives:
      (1)   Promote the implementation of the Community Development Plans;
      (2)   Define, articulate, and integrate outdoor spaces, architectural elements, and various site elements;
      (3)   Promote compatibility between land uses by reducing negative physical, visual, auditory, and lighting impacts between adjacent land uses by requiring complementary landscape treatments and providing a transitional area adjacent to natural areas;
      (4)   Control soil erosion by slowing the effects of erosive winds and water;
      (5)   Provide reasonable standards to bring preexisting developed sites into compliance with the requirements contained herein;
      (6)   Recognize and preserve the aesthetic value of existing natural areas such as woodlands, wetlands and floodplains within and adjacent to a development site;
      (7)   Promote the reestablishment of vegetation in urban areas for aesthetic, health, and urban wildlife purposes;
      (8)   Reduce stormwater runoff, pollution, temperature, and rate and volume of flow;
      (9)   Establish and enhance the visual character of an area in a manner that provides pleasant aesthetics and addresses safety issues;
      (10)   Aid in energy conservation by providing shade from the sun and shelter from the wind; and
      (11)   Restore natural habitats through the reestablishment of native plants.
   (b)   This Chapter provides of a set of landscaping standards and requirements for use throughout the City. These regulations address materials, placement, layout, and timing of installation.  (Ord. 2014-09.  Passed 2-19-14.)