The Planning Commission may issue a Conditional Zoning Certificate for parking lots in the R-l, R-2, R-3, R-4 and O-R Districts subject to Chapters 1113 , 1125 through 1135 , and 1171 , and the following conditions:
   (a)   The parking lot shall be accessory to and for the use in connection with one or more permitted or conditionally permitted uses in and adjoining commercial or industrial district.
   (b)   Such parking lot shall contain not less than 5,000 square feet, which shall abut at least fifty (50) feet, either directly or across an alley or street, on the district in which the use for which the parking is provided, permitted or conditionally permitted.
   (c)   Such parking lot shall be used solely for the parking of passenger vehicles and no commercial repair work or service of any kind shall be conducted on such parking lot.
   (d)   No sign of any kind, other than those designating entrances, exits, conditions of use and penalties for improper use shall be maintained on such parking lot.
   (e)   Entrances and exits shall be at least twenty (20) feet from any adjacent property located in any R-l, R-2, R-3, R-4 or O-R District.
   (f)   Such parking lot shall be efficiently screened on each side by a fence of acceptable design, wall or compact hedge. Such fence, wall or hedge shall be not less than four (4) feet in height and no solid portion shall be more than six (6) feet in height and shall be maintained in good condition. The planting strip for hedges shall be no less than three (3) feet in width. At least one (1) water outlet shall be provided not more than fifty (50) feet from the lot for maintenance of plant materials. The space between such fence, wall or hedge and the side lot line of adjoining premises in any residential district shall be landscaped with grass, hardy shrubs or evergreen ground cover and maintained in good condition.
      (Ord. 2013-121.  Passed 11-20-13.)