The following standards shall apply to the design of off-street parking areas as they are required in this Chapter for all new or converted multifamily, commercial, industrial or quasi-public uses:
   (a)   Hard surfacing Required: All parking areas, regardless of size, shall be hard surfaced. Pavement type and thickness shall be approved by the Development Engineer prior to construction, taking into consideration soil conditions and traffic loadings.
   (b)   Turning Radii: Sufficient turning radii shall be provided in accordance with approved engineering standards so as to be adequate for all vehicle movement, including fire and safety vehicles, school buses or other oversize vehicles which may make use of the area.
   (c)   Parking aisle minimum width shall be 24 feet.
   (d)   Storm Water Management: Storm water runoff created as a result of the improvements to the parking area shall be controlled in such a manner so as to reduce and/or eliminate draining onto neighboring properties. Improved parking areas may be incorporated into the storm water management plan for the proposed project. Site grading as well as storm water control provisions shall be reviewed and approved by the Development Engineer prior to site construction
   (e)   Special Area Designation: Site plans for proposed Projects shall identify the location of handicapped spaces, trash receptacles, fire lanes or other special areas as may be required by other local, state or federal laws.
   (f)   Screening and Landscaping: To secure a equate screening between on-street parking areas and abutting properties, the Planning Commission shall have the power to determine the need for and amount of: planting/landscaping, materials, walls, fences or any combination of these as deemed necessary.
   (g)   Maintenance: All off-street parking areas shall be continually maintained in satisfactory condition so as to be safe, attractive and free of any hazard, nuisance or other unsafe condition.
      (Ord. 2013-121.  Passed 11-20-13.)