For every new or converted multifamily, commercial and industrial uses, the following standards shall apply for the design of ingress, egress or accessways:
   (a)   Each ingress and/or egress driveway shall have a minimum width of twenty (20) lineal feet and shall be so designed so as to provide adequate turning and maneuvering for emergency and service vehicles.
   (b)   Each ingress and/or egress driveway shall be improved with hard surface materials (excluding gravel) from the street apron to the entrance of the parking area.
   (c)   Each ingress and/or egress driveway shall not be closer than fifty (50) feet to a street right-of-way line of an intersecting side street.
   (d)   There shall not be more than two accessways abutting on any one street.
   (e)   Ingress and egress driveways shall not be used to meet the requirements stated in Section 1167.05 "Minimum Number of Parking Spaces", and thereby block the reasonable flow of vehicles to parking spaces. Parking arrangements within ingress and egress driveway areas shall be approved by the Planning Commission.
      (Ord. 2013-121.  Passed 11-20-13.)