(a)   Signs Exempt from Regulations - Any sign located entirely inside a building and not visible from the public right-of-way or from private property other than the property on which such sign is located shall be entirely exempt from regulation under this Chapter.
   (b)   Permanent Signs Allowed in Any District without a Permit and Not Included in Dimensional Limitations - Sign Permits shall not be required for the signs listed herein.  These signs shall not be included in the determination of the total allowable number of signs or total allowable sign area for a site.
   (1)   Signs conforming to the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices;
      (2)   Signs required by a state or federal statute or agency;
   (3)   Signs required by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction;
      (4)   One (1) wall sign on or over a window or door not exceeding one (1) square foot in area.
      (5)   Directional signs not to exceed three (3) square feet in area.
      (6)   Residential name plates not to exceed four (4) square feet in area.
      (7)   Signs advertising the lease or sale of a property.  Such signs are limited to a maximum size of six (6) square feet per sign and may not be located in the public right-of-way.  One of these signs is permitted per front yard (i.e. corner lots may have two such signs B one per street frontage).  Such signs cannot be affixed to the exterior of buildings.
   (c)       Temporary Signs Allowed without a Permit -
   (1)   Official and legal notices required by a court or governmental agency.
      (2)   Temporary signs in residential areas as enumerated in Section 1165.06(a) of this Chapter.
      (3)   Seasonal outside table umbrellas.
      (4)   Political signs so long as all of the following requirements are met:
         A.   No more than one (1) sign per candidate or issue permitted per every one hundred (100) feet of lot frontage,
         B.   No more than thirty (30) days prior to and five (5) days after an election,
         C.   No more than nine (9) square feet in maximum area,
         D.   No more than six (6) feet in maximum height, and
         E.   Signs shall not be placed on or over public property or rights- of-way.
      (5)   One sign denoting the architect, engineer, or contractor when placed upon work under construction.  Such sign shall not exceed twelve (12) square feet in area.
      (6)   National Flags, State Flags, municipal flags, and the official flag of any charitable, non-profit, or public sector entity shall be exempt from all City of Kent sign regulations.  One corporate flag shall also be exempt from these sign regulations so long as all of the following conditions are met:
         A.   The corporate flag is flown in conjunction with the flag of the United States of America, State of Ohio, or City of Kent;
         B.   The corporate flag is no larger than the flag of the United States of America, State of Ohio, or City of Kent with which it is being flown in conjunction; and
         C.   The corporate flag is less than sixteen (16) square feet.
            (Ord. 2013-83.  Passed 8-21-13.)