(a)   Sign Permits Required - To ensure compliance with the regulations of this Chapter, a Sign Permit shall be required in order to apply, erect, move, alter, reconstruct, or repair any permanent or temporary sign, except signs that do not require permits consistent with the requirements of Sections 1165.04(a)(1), 1165.06(a)(1), (2), and (3) and1165.11.  
A Sign Permit is also required for the lighting of new or the relighting of existing signs.  Granting of a Sign Permit from the Zoning Inspector does not constitute a building permit, and any sign subject to the provisions of the Ohio Building Code shall also be required to submit the appropriate information needed for review under the Ohio Building Code.  The applicant will be required to obtain a Building Permit when required by the Ohio Building Code prior to installation.
   (b)   Review Authority - The Zoning Inspector will review all Sign Permit applications within the City of Kent.  If the Zoning Inspector grants a Sign Permit with conditions, the Zoning Inspector shall state the conditions in writing, with citations to relevant sections of this Chapter.  The applicant shall sign a statement acknowledging the conditions set forth by the Zoning Inspector.  If the Zoning Inspector denies a permit application, the Inspector shall do so in writing and state in writing the reason for denial, with citations to relevant sections of this Chapter or other provisions of the Codified Ordinances.  The applicant may appeal the decision of the Zoning Inspector as provided in Chapter 1109 of the Zoning Code. 
   (c)   Information Required - Applicants for a Sign Permit must submit the following information.  Incomplete applications will be denied.
   (1)   Color sign rendering.
   (2)   Site plan and elevations.
      (3)   Sign dimensions and dimensions of sign mounting material, where applicable.
   (4)   Building façade dimensions, where applicable.
   (5)   Distance of sign from all public rights-of-way.
   (6)   Style, type, wattage, and location of all lighting.
   (7)   Landscaping plan for freestanding signs.
      (8)   List of construction materials, including sign mounting material, where applicable.
   (d)   Criteria for Approval - The Zoning Inspector shall approve a Sign Permit if the proposed sign conforms to all applicable requirements of this Chapter.  In areas where a review is required by the Architectural Review Board, a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be issued before the Zoning Permit for the sign(s) can be given by the Zoning Inspector.  Permits for signs installed as part of an approved Comprehensive Sign Plan shall not be issued until such Plan has been approved by the Planning Commission and the Architectural Review Board.
(Ord. 2013-83.  Passed 8-21-13.)