(a)   The following are definitions of specialized terms and phrases used in this Chapter and as may otherwise be appropriate in the Kent Codified Ordinances:
      (1)   Abandoned Sign - means any sign that advertises a business, leaser, owner, product, service or activity that is no longer located on the premises where the sign is displayed.
      (2)   Alteration - means any change of copy, sign face, color, size, shape, illumination, position, location, construction, or supporting structure of any sign.
      (3)   Animated or Moving Sign - means a sign that uses movement, lighting, or special materials to depict action or create a special effect to imitate movement.
      (4)   Awnings and Canopies - means roof-like covers that project from the wall of a building for the purpose of shielding a doorway or window from the elements.
      (5)   Awning Sign - means any sign copy or logo attached to or painted on an awning.
      (6)   Banner or Pennant - means any non-rigid cloth, canvas, bunting, plastic, paper, or similar material  that is mounted to any structure, staff, pole, line, or framing by a string, rope, wire, or frame at one or more edges. 
      (7)   Blade Sign - means a small, pedestrian-oriented sign mounted so that the sign face is perpendicular to the face of the building.  A blade sign may be hung beneath a canopy or awning. 
      (8)   Building Frontage, Primary - means that portion of the building frontage that faces the street.  In cases where a building has more than one street frontage, the longest of the street frontages shall be considered the primary building frontage. In cases where a business has no building frontage facing a street, the building frontage with the primary business entrance shall be considered the primary building frontage.
      (9)   Building Sign - A sign which is affixed or secured to or on any building.
      (10)   Changeable Copy Sign - means a sign which displays words, lines, logos, or symbols that can change to provide different information.  Changeable copy signs include computer signs, reader boards with changeable letters, and time and temperature signs. 
      (11)   Channel Letters - means three-dimensional individually cut letters or figures whether or not illuminated, affixed to a structure.
      (12)   Copy - means words, letters, numbers, figures, designs, or other symbolic representations incorporated into a sign.
      (13)   Double-faced Sign - means a sign constructed to display its message on the outer surfaces of two (2) identical and opposite parallel planes.
      (14)   Edge of Roof - means on a pitched roof, the lowest portion of the fascia board covering the roof rafters, or if no fascia board exists, the lowest point of the roof rafters. On a flat roof, the top of the parapet wall or three (3) feet above the roof deck, whichever is less.
      (15)   Electronic Reader Board Sign Or Electronic Graphics Sign - means a sign with a fixed or changing display/message composed of a series of lights that may be changed through electronic means.
      (16)   External Illumination - means the lighting of an object from a light source located a distance from the object.
      (17)   Flashing Sign - means a sign that contains an intermittent or sequential flashing light source.
      (18)   Freestanding Sign - means any sign not affixed to a building.  Freestanding signs may be permanent or temporary (i.e. pylon signs, cantilever signs, signs on wheels, etc.).
      (19)   Gasoline Pump Sign - means a temporary sign affixed to a gasoline pump.  The sign may be affixed to the top or side of the pump itself or to the structure surrounding the pump.  The signage may also be attached to the gasoline hose.   
      (20)   Height of Sign: For the purpose of this Chapter, the height of a sign shall be measured from the ground elevation directly under the entire width and length of a sign to the top of the sign’s face or supporting structure (whichever is higher).  No portion of the sign shall exceed the maximum height permitted.
      (21)   Inflatable Device - means an object that is blown up with air or gas.
      (22)   Internally Illuminated Sign - means a sign whose light source is located in the interior of the sign so that the rays go through the face of the sign, or light source which is attached to the face of the sign and is perceived as a design element of the sign.
      (23)   Joint Identification Sign - means a sign which serves as a common or collective identification for two or more uses located within the same building, or which share a common wall, or for two or more buildings located within a jointly used area, provided the buildings are in close proximity to one another. 
      (24)   Monument Sign - means a permanent, freestanding sign where the entire bottom of the sign is either affixed to the ground or raised not more than one (1) foot above the ground.  A monument sign may not be attached to a building. 
      (25)   Multiple Tenant Building - means a development consisting of two or more separate uses or tenancies that share either the same parcel or structure and use common access and parking facilities.
      (26)   Neon Sign - means a glass tube lighting in which a gas and phosphors are used in combination to create a colored light.
      (27)   Nonconforming Sign - means any sign lawfully erected and maintained prior to the effective date of this Chapter, constructed in conformance with the ordinances and other applicable laws in effect on the date of its construction, but by reason of its size, height, location, design, or construction is no longer in conformance with the regulations of this Chapter.
      (28)   Nonresidential District - means any of the following zoning districts:  Neighborhood Commercial District (N-C), Commercial B High Density Multifamily Urban Residential (C-R), Commercial B Downtown (C-D), Commercial (C), Intensive Commercial B Residential (IC-R), Industrial (I), Light Industrial (LI), Industrial Research and Office (I-R), University (U), and Open Space B Recreation (O-R).
      (29)   Off-Premise Sign - means a sign which directs attention to a business, commodity, service, or entertainment conducted, sold, or offered at a location other than the lot or premises on which the sign is located. 
      (30)   On-Premise Sign - means a sign which directs attention to a business, commodity, service, or entertainment conducted, sold, or offered on the lot or premises on which the sign is located.
      (31)   Permanent Sign - means a sign constructed of durable materials and intended to exist for the duration of time that the use or occupant is located on the premises.
      (32)   Pole Sign - means a sign mounted on a free-standing pole or other support so that the bottom edge of the sign face is ten feet or more above finished grade. 
      (33)   Projecting Sign - means a sign that protrudes in a V-shape from the top of the ground floor over the sidewalk, like a traditional theater marquee.
      (34)   Residential District - means any of the following zoning districts:  Low Density Residential (R-1), Medium Density Residential (R-2), High Density Residential (R-3), Extended High Density Residential (R-3A), Multifamily Residential (R-4), and High Density Multifamily Urban Residential B Commercial (R-C).
      (35)   Roof Sign - means a sign that is mounted on the roof of a building or which is wholly dependent upon a building for support and which projects above the highest point of  a building with a flat roof, the eave line of a building with gambrel, gable, or hip roof, or the deck line of a building with a mansard roof. 
      (36)   Sandwich Board Sign - means a sign that is not affixed to a structure or the ground that can be and is brought inside at the close of business.  A sandwich board sign shall be considered a temporary, freestanding sign for purposes of this Chapter.
      (37)   Sign - means an object, device, display or structure, or part thereof, situated outdoors or indoors, which is used to identify, display, or direct or attract attention to an object, person, institution, organization, business, product, service, event or location by any means, including words, letters, figures, design symbols, fixtures, colors, illumination, or projected image.  Unless otherwise noted, the term “sign” includes both on-premises and off-premises signs. 
      (38)   Sign Area, Allowable -  means the entire area within a perimeter defined by a continuous line composed of right angles which enclose the extreme limits of lettering, logo, trademark, or other graphic representation, together with any frame or structural trim forming an integral part of the display used to differentiate the sign from the background against which it is placed.
      (39)   Sign Height -  means the vertical distance from the uppermost point of the sign to the finished grade immediately below the base of the sign, including all base and/or other mounting material. 
      (40)   Temporary Sign -  means any sign intended to be displayed for a limited period of  time and capable of being viewed from any public right-of-way, parking area or neighboring property.  Examples of temporary signage include banners, sandwich board signs, gasoline pump signs, and political signs.  Changeable copy may be used on temporary signs.
      (41)   Three-Dimensional Signs - means signs that have a depth or relief on their surface greater than six inches.
      (42)   Vehicle Sign - means a sign that is attached to or painted on a vehicle that is parked on or adjacent to any property, the principal purpose of which is to attract attention to a product sold or business located on the property. 
      (43)   Wall Sign - means a sign that is attached to or painted on the exterior wall of a structure with the display surface of the sign approximately parallel to the building wall.
      (44)   Window Area - means the area computed by calculating each window pane or panel. The area shall be separate for each building face, and for each window. A group of window panes or panels may be considered one window if they are adjoining on the building face and are less than six (6) inches apart.
      (45)   Window Sign - means a sign, poster, symbol, numerals, or letters, posted, painted, placed, or affixed in or on a window exposed to public view. An interior sign that faces a window exposed to public view that is located within three feet of the window is considered a window sign for the purpose of calculating the total area of all window signs.
         (Ord. 2013-83.  Passed 8-21-13.)