No highly flammable or explosive liquids, solids or gases shall be stored in bulk above ground, except tanks or drums of fuel directly connected with energy devices or heating appliances located and operated on the same lot as the tanks or drums of fuel.
   All outdoor storage facilities for fuel, raw materials and products, and all fuel, raw materials and products stored outdoors, shall be enclosed by an approved safety fence.
   No materials or wastes shall be deposited upon a lot in such form or manner that they may be transported off the lot by natural causes or forces, nor shall any substance which can contaminate a stream or watercourse or otherwise render such stream or watercourse undesirable as a source of water supply or recreation, or which will destroy aquatic life, be allowed to enter any stream or watercourse.
   All materials or wastes which might cause fumes or dust, or which constitute a fire hazard, or which may be edible or otherwise attractive to rodents or insects, shall be stored outdoors only if enclosed in containers which are adequate to eliminate such hazards.
   (Note: For storage of hazardous wastes, see also Chapter 3734 of the Ohio Revised Code; for transportation and storage of nuclear wastes and by products see Chapter 4163 of the Ohio Revised Code.)