Public or private in-ground or above ground swimming, wading or other pools containing one and one-half (1 ½) feet of water depth shall be considered as structures for the purpose of permits.  The following restrictions shall apply to such structures as defined above:
   (a)   No such structure shall be located within a front yard area.
   (b)   No such structure shall be located closer than fifteen (15) feet to any side or rear property line.
   (c)   Every such structure shall be completely surrounded by a wall or fence not less than four (4) feet in height; such fence shall not have poles, openings or gaps larger than four (4) inches in any dimension.  All doors and gates shall be equipped with working locking devices so as to prevent unauthorized intrusion.
   (d)   An accessory building may be located within or directly contiguous to such enclosure.  Any such building which is not completely located within the confines of the enclosure must comply with any and all other applicable sections of this Ordinance.
   (e)   Above-ground pools having vertical walls of at least four (4) feet above the surface grade shall be required to have fences and or gates only at points of access to the pool.  (Ord. 2017-45.  Passed 6-21-17.)