(a)   Minimum Front Yard Depth:  Fifty (50) feet.
   (b)   Minimum Rear Yard Depth:  Twenty-five (25) feet.
   (c)   Minimum Side Yard Width:  Twenty-five (25) feet.
   (d)   Side Yard Width And Rear Yard Depth Adjacent To Residential Districts:  The minimum side yard width and rear yard depth abutting a residential district shall be one hundred (100) feet.  At least a fifty (50) foot wide strip in the 100 foot yard shall be planted and maintained for screening or camouflaging purposes according to the following specifications:
      (1)   The fifty (50) foot wide strip shall be planted with pine, Norway Spruce or other plants of similar screening value.
      (2)   Such trees shall be planted on a staggered pattern with no more than ten (10) feet between trees.
      (3)   Trees shall be of a species and size that will produce within two (2) years a dense screen barrier at least eight (8) feet in height.
      (4)   The fifty (50) foot wide planting strips shall be so located as to achieve the greatest screening or camouflaging effect.  The dense screen buffer shall be  maintained and any plant material which does not live shall be replaced  within one year. The side and rear yard area within the planting strip may be used for off-street parking and loading space.
      (5)   Existing, mature vegetation shall be retained within the required side and rear yard setbacks where possible. 
(Ord. 2000-56.  Passed 7-5-00)