1151.02  USES.
   Within an L-I: Light-Industrial District, no building, structure or premises shall be used, arranged to be used or designed to be used except for one or more of the following uses:
   (a)   Permitted Uses:
      (1)   Parking lots or garages which are accessory to the primary use of the property.
      (2)   Wholesale establishments.
      (3)   The following types of manufacturing, processing, cleaning, servicing, testing or repair activities which will not be materially injurious or offensive to the occupants of adjacent premises or the community at large by reason of the emission or creation of noise, vibration, smoke, dust or other particulate matter, toxic and noxious materials, odors, fire or explosive hazards, glare or heat, or electromagnetic disturbances:
         (a)   Bakery goods, candy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and food products, but excluding fish, meat products, sauerkraut, yeast and rendering or refining oils.
         (b)   Products from the following previously prepared materials: canvas, cellophane, cloth, cork, fiber, leather, plastics, precious or semi-precious metals or stones, metal, shell, textiles, tobacco, wax, wood  (where saw and planing mills are employed within a completely enclosed building), and yarns but excluding foundries, blast furnaces, steel mills, or metal stamping facilities.
         (c)   Pottery and figurines, using previously pulverized clay and kilns fired only with gas or electricity.
         (d)   Musical instruments, toys, novelties, rubber stamps and other small rubber products.
         (e)   Electrical and electrical appliances, instruments and devices, television sets, radios, phonographs and household appliances.
         (f)   Laboratories and processing - experimental, film or testing provided no operation shall be conducted or equipment used which would create hazardous, noxious or offensive conditions.
      (4)   General and professional business offices, medical offices and clinics, radio and television studios and offices, financial offices including banks but excluding drive-thru facilities.  Computer  software or hardware sales and development, e-commerce and internet service facilities.
      (5)   The following uses may be conducted only within an enclosed building no closer than one hundred (100) feet of any R-District.  Where the L-I District abuts upon but is separated from any R District by a street, the width of the street may be considered as part of the required setback:
         (a)   Bag, carpet and rug cleaning, provided necessary equipment is installed and operated for the effective precipitation or recovery of dust.
         (b)   Blacksmith, welding or other metal working shops, including machine shop operations of the tool, die and gauge types.
         (c)   Carpenter, cabinet, upholstering, sheet-metal, plumbing, heating, roofing, air conditioning, sign painting, painting and other similar establishments.
         (d)   Veterinarian hospital or clinic.
         (e)   Recycling Centers.
         (f)   Warehousing, distribution and storage facilities as long as such operations  are conducted within an enclosed structure.
         (g)   Accessory uses clearly incidental to the principal uses permitted on the same premises.
         (h)   Signs as regulated by Chapter 1165 .
   (b)   Conditionally Permitted Uses:  The Planning Commission may issue Conditional Zoning Certificates for uses listed herein, subject to the general requirements of Chapter 1113 and to the specific requirements of Chapter 1171 referred to below:
      (a)   Governmentally owned and/or operated buildings and facilities subject to Section 1171.01(3),(7) and (9).
      (b)   Public utility right-of-ways and pertinent structures subject to Section  1171.01(10).
      (c)   Temporary buildings and uses incidental to construction work subject to Section 1171.01(17) and (24).
      (d)   Child Day Care Facilities as subject to Section 1171.01(1), (2), (3), (5), (9),  (11), (17) and (54).
      (e)   Recreational facilities subject to Section 1171.01(2), (5), (30), and (35).
(Ord. 2000-56.  Passed 7-5-00)