In order for a project to be eligible for review and approval under the provisions of this Chapter, the following criteria must be met as specified in either (A) or (B) below:
   (A)   General Project Eligibility:
      (1)   Project sites must be totally located within the designated Central City Redevelopment Overlay District, or
      (2)   In the area within a radius of 1,000' from the intersection of Main & Water, and shall provide a project of mixed use of retail and either office, service, or residential; and
      (3)   In the area outside the area identified in (2), each project shall provide residential living quarters comprising not less than 25% of the combined total floor area of all buildings proposed within the scope of the project; and
      (4)   All buildings proposed within the scope of the project must be a minimum of two (2) stories in height above grade.
   (B)   Businesses occupying existing buildings within the District are also eligible for review under the provisions of this Chapter if the total floor area of a proposed addition does not exceed 50% of the floor area of the existing building.
   (C)   Projects which do not meet the provisions of either subsections (A) or (B) of this Section shall be reviewed under other applicable sections of the Kent City Zoning Code.
      (Ord. 1994-95.  Passed 9-21-94.)