The City of Kent, Ohio, is hereby delineated in part by a Central City Redevelopment Overlay District described by a map included as Appendix A , for the purposes of:
   (A)   Implementing the Kent Comprehensive Development Plan and Portage Area Regional Transit Association Plan;
   (B)   Defining a specific area of the City of Kent, which requires different standards of development to meet different circumstances present with the district; and
   (C)   Excluding from the specific area delineated in the previous subsection all areas contained within the Commercial-Downtown Zoning District designated in Chapter 1146 and the Neighborhood - Commercial Zoning District designated in Chapter 1139 .
(Ord. No. 2000-12. Passed 2-2-00)
   (D)   Serving the purposes and intent of this code as outlined in Subsection One.
      (Ord. 1998-32.  Passed 5-6-98.)