1147.02  USES.
   Within a University District, no building, structure or premises shall be used, arranged to be used, or designed to be used except for one or more of the following uses:
   (a)   Permitted Uses.
      (1)   Uses of a public educational character, including such university owned, operated, leased, or licensed facilities as classroom, laboratory or library.
      (2)   Common student dining hall, food courts, confectionaries, and lounges are permitted if they are part of a university owned or university operated residential, educational, or recreation facility.
      (3)   Accessory buildings incidental to the principal use which do not include any activity conducted as a business.
      (4)   Signs as regulated by Chapter 1165 .
   (b)   Conditionally Permitted Uses. The Planning Commission may issue Conditional Zoning Certificates for uses listed herein subject to the general requirements of Chapter 1113 and to the specific requirements of Chapter 1171 as referred to below:
      (1)   All permitted and conditionally permitted uses as specified in the 1-R District.
      (2)   Churches and other bui ldings for the purpose of religious worship subject to Section 1171.01(4), (5), (8), (10), (11) and (47).
      (3)   Public, Private and Parochial schools subject to Section 1171.01 (1 ). (2), (3), (5), (6), and (11 ).
      (4)   Institutions for human care - hospitals, clinics, sanitariums, convalescent homes, nursing homes, child day care centers, homes for the aged and philanthropic institutions, subject to Section 1171.01 (1 ). (2), (3 ). (7), (9), (11). and (17).
      (5)   Governmentally owned and/or operated buildings or facilities subject to Section 1171.01(3), (7), (8), and (11).
      (6)   Governmentally owned and/or operated parks and playgrounds subject to Section 1171.01(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (11) and (17).
      (7)   Quasi-public, institu tionally or organizationally owned and/or operated recreational, instructional and meeting facilities such as those developed and used by the YMCA-YWCA. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or various fraternal or community service groups, subject to Section 1171.01 (9), ( 11 ). (17), and (37).
      (8)   Public utility rights of way and pertinent structures subject to Section 1171.01(1) and (10).
      (9)   Temporary buildings and uses incidental to construction work subject to Section 1171.01(17) and (24).
      (10)   Bed & Breakfast faci lities subject to Section 1171.01(52).
      (11)   Fraternity or Sorority House.
      (12)   Scientific, educational, religious, charitable, indoor and outdoor recreation, and residential uses which do not qualify as a permitted use under (a)(1).
      (13)   Uses related to public education, including, but not limited to, dormitory, dining hall, retail facility, gymnasium , swimming pool, studio, laundry, office, heating or power plant, off-street parking of motor vehicles, museum, recreation building, R.O.T.C. facility, or place of assembly for entertainment or training.
      (14)   Multifamily dwellings.
      (15)   Establishments engaged primarily in the fields of finance, insurance and real estate, such as:
         (a)   Bank, but not including drive-in facilities.
         (b)   Credit agency other than a bank.
         (c)   Investment firm.
         (d)   Insurance carrier.
         (e)   Real estate and insurance company.
         (f)   Investment company.
      (16)   Establishments engaged in providing a variety of services to individuals and business establishments, such as:
         (a)   Printing.
         (b)   Copying.
         (c)   Mail & Shipping Services.
      (17)   Clubs, lodges, fraternal, charitable or social organizations subject to Section 1171.01(3), (4) and (5).
      (18)   Any production of computers, microprocessors, electronics, light emitting diode (LED) or similar devices.
      (19)   Theaters, dance studios and schools, art galleries, and museums.
      (20)   Computer sales and servicing.
         (Ord. 2017-09.  Passed 2-15-17.)