(a)   The Architectural Review Advisory Committee shall:
      1)   Review the architectural design and features of any proposed new building or any existing building proposed for renovation as to the compatibility of the design or renovation with the architectural or historic character of the area;
      2)   Review ancillary architectural elements of the building, such as walls, fences, landscaping, walkways, parking areas, and signs for design compatibility with new and existing buildings;
      3)   Make alterative suggestions to building owners and/or site developers as to building design, building materials, signs and other building and site elements to make projects more compatible and harmonious with adjacent land uses.
   (b)   Decisions of the Architectural Review Advisory Committee:
      1)   The Architectural Review Advisory Committee shall conduct a hearing on applications for a certificate of appropriateness in accordance with this Section.  The Architectural Advisory Committee shall approve the application, deny the application, or approve it subject to special modification, but no application shall be denied or modified unless a majority of the entire Board votes to reject or modify the application.
      2)   If the Architectural Advisory Board approves an application without modifications, it shall so notify the Community Development Director and he shall thereupon issue a Certificate of Appropriateness.
      3)   If an application is denied, the Architectural Advisory Committee shall set forth the reasons for the denial in a written statement to the applicant and in such case the Committee may make such recommendations in regard to changes of design, arrangement, texture, material and color of the exterior features and interior arrangements of the building or structure it deems appropriate.
   If the applicant accepts the modifications of the Architectural Advisory Committee, the application shall be revised in accordance with the modifications and filed with the Zoning Inspector, whereupon a Certificate of Appropriateness shall be issued.
(Ord. 2003-21.  Passed 1-15-03)