Uses specified under Section 1146 herein shall not be required to comply with the off-street parking requirements of Chapter 1167 , however:
   (a)   Any new development or new use shall provide a parking plan detailing both customer and employee parking arrangements.  The parking plan shall designate the off-street and/or on-street parking spaces to be allotted for customer and employee use.
   (b)   If an applicant chooses to construct a parking lot, the applicant must comply with the requirements of Section 1167.04 and Section 1167.08.
   (c)   The Planning Commission must approve the Parking Management Plan prior to final project approval.
   (d)   Parking areas shall be located in the rear yard areas except in areas that abut a natural river or stream.
   (e)   Where a final Parking Management Plan is approved by the Planning Commission, the applicant shall covenant to ensure continued compliance with the final, approved plan. 
(Ord. 2003-21. Passed 1-15-03)