(a)   Minimum Lot Area:
      (1)   Single family dwelling- 8,000 square feet.
      (2)   Two family dwelling- 12,000 square feet.
      (3)   Multifamily dwelling- 13,000 square feet for the first three dwelling units, plus 2,500 square feet for each dwelling unit over three.
   (b)   Minimum Lot Width at Building Line:
      (1)   Single family dwelling- Fifty feet.
      (2)   Two family dwelling- Seventy-five feet.
      (3)   Multifamily dwelling- 100 feet.
   (c)   Minimum Lot Frontage: Fifty feet.
   (d)   Maximum Lot Depth: Five times the lot width at the building line.
   (e)   Minimum Usable Open Space: At least thirty percent (30%) of the actual lot area
shall be devoted to usable open space.
   (f)   Maximum Lot Coverage: Twenty-five percent (25%).
(Ord. 2017-35.  Passed 5-17-17.)