(a)   Minimum Lot Area:
      (1)   Single family dwelling - eight thousand (8,000) square feet.
      (2)   Two family dwelling - twelve thousand (12,000) square feet.
      (3)   Multifamily dwelling - eighteen thousand (18,000) square feet for the first three (3) dwelling units, plus five thousand (5,000) square feet for each dwelling unit over three (3).
   (b)   Minimum Lot Width at Building Line:
      (1)   Single family dwelling - Fifty (50) feet.
      (2)   Two family dwelling - Seventy five (75) feet.
      (3)   Multifamily dwelling - one hundred (100) feet.
   (c)   Minimum Lot Frontage: Fifty (50) feet.
   (d)   Maximum Lot Depth: Five (5) times the lot width at the building line.
   (e)   Minimum Usable Open Space: At least (30) percent of the actual lot area shall be devoted to usable open space.
   (f)   Maximum Lot Coverage: Twenty five (25) percent.