Applications for Preservation Alternate development shall be submitted for review and approval in accordance with the provisions of this section.
   A.   Preapplication Conference. Prior to formal submission of an application and development plans for a Preservation Alternate development, the applicant shall request by letter and attend an information preapplication conference with appropriate City staff. The letter of request should be submitted to the Community Development Director.
The purpose of the preapplication conference is to familiarize the applicant with the Preservation Alternate development requirements and process and the City's expectations regarding the property. The conference is also intended to provide the applicant with an opportunity to discuss the general approach to the project and obtain informal comments and direction from the City staff members which may help to expedite the formal review process.
   B.   Application. The owner or developer shall submit to the Director of Community Development an application for Preservation Alternate development. Said application shall include:
      1.   A fee as set forth in Section 1111.14.
      2.   Eight (8) copies of the Preliminary Development Plan.
      3.   The proposed forms of covenants and deed restrictions, including those with respect to the use and perpetual maintenance of common land and/or private streets.
   C.   Preliminary Development Plan Requirements. Preliminary Development Plans submitted with applications for Preservation Alternate developments shall include:
      1.   The name of the development and the names and addresses of the owners and developers.
      2.   A scale, north arrow and date.
      3.   The proposed assignment of use and subdivision of land, including the proposed locations of any non residential buildings.
      4.   The proposed vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic patterns, including the proposed location and design of public streets and easements. The names, locations, and dimensions of existing streets and easements.
      5.   Preliminary plans for provisions of utilities.
      6.   Proposed parking layout, including ingress and egress.
      7.   A boundary survey of the entire proposed Preservation Alternate development.
      8.   The proposed dimensions of all lots.
      9.   Topography showing contours at an interval of 2 feet or less.
      10.   A table showing the total number of acres to be developed and the amount of acreage to be used for each type of use, including lots, streets, parking areas, recreational and open space areas, and other facilities. Such table shall list the total number of dwellings proposed.
      11.   Identification of all natural features, including existing water courses, wetlands, and flood areas.
      12.   Anticipated development phasing and scheduling.
      13.   Preliminary plans for the installation of landscaping.
Said development plans shall be prepared by persons professionally qualified to prepare such plans.
   D.   Transmission. Upon determination that a complete submittal has been made, the Community Development Director shall declare the preliminary Development Plan to be officially filed and shall transmit copies to appropriate officials and agencies for their review and comments. Comments and recommendations from those officials and agencies shall be made available to the Commission.
   E.   Commission Action. The Planning Commission shall review said plan and shall act thereon within sixty (60) days of the filing date, unless said time is extended by mutual consent of the Commission and the applicant. The Commission may approve the Preservation Alternate plan as submitted or modified, conditionally approve the plan and stipulate the condition of such approval, or disapprove the plan.
The action of the Commission shall be noted on two (2) copies of the preliminary Development Plan and the application form and one (1) copy of each returned to the subdivider. One copy of each shall be retained on file by the Community Development Department.
   F.   Effect of Approval.  Approval of a preliminary Preservation Alternate Development Plan by the Planning Commission is not an acceptance of the subdivision for record. It is an approval of a general plan as a guide for the preparation of improvement plans and the final subdivision plat. Approval of a preliminary plan shall be effective for a period of one year following the date of the approval by the Planning Commission, unless an extension of time is granted. Upon expiration of a preliminary plan approval, no approval of a final plat shall be given until the preliminary plan has been resubmitted and approved.
Approval of a Preliminary Development Plan for a Preservation Alternate development shall constitute preliminary subdivision plat approval and authorize the developer to proceed to final subdivision plat and/or site plan submittal.