The provisions of this chapter have been created with the intent of preserving the single family residential character of the City, providing for attractive and interesting residential developments and redevelopment with the integration of compact, limited, neighborhood-oriented commercial uses, encouraging greater flexibility in subdivision design, and permitting creative and innovative utilization of space and environmental conditions to obtain a more desirable residential environment than may be possible through the strict application of the minimum requirements of the R 1 and R 2 Districts.
   It is also the intent of this chapter to base approval upon Planning Commission's determination as to whether or not the above objectives have been met by the owner or developer.
   Detached single family dwellings may be developed in accordance with the regulations of this chapter on land zoned in R 1 and R 2 Districts with the approval of the Planning Commission.  The purposes of permitting more flexible design of lots and spacing of buildings are to:
   A.   Create functional and interesting residential areas.
   B.   Provide accessible recreation areas and open spaces.
   C.   Conserve the natural amenities of the landscape.
   D.   Provide appropriate pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular circulation.
   E.   Protect environmentally sensitive areas.
   F.   Insure compatibility with existing single family neighborhoods.
   G.   Provide campus-like settings for neighborhood commercial activity compatible with the proposed and existing residential neighborhoods.  This compatibility shall address both the architectural design and the permitted uses within the campus area.  The architectural compatibility shall be insured by submission of plans for approval to the Kent Architectural Advisory Committee.
      (Ordinance 2001-54.  Passed 6-13-01)