1127.02  USES.
   Within an O-R: Open Space - Recreation District, no building, structure or premises shall be used, arranged to be used, or designed to be used except for one or more of the following uses:
   (a)   Permitted Uses:
      (1)   Single family dwelling
      (2)   Agriculture: Buildings used to house farm animals shall be located no less than 200 feet from all property lines.
      (3)   Roadside stands offering for sale only agricultural products which are produced on the premises, including only one unlighted sign not exceeding twenty (20) square feet in area advertising such products, may be erected beyond the building line on lands used for agricultural purposes. Such roadside stand and sign shall not be erected nearer than thirty (30) feet from either side lot line. Such stand, sign and required off-street parking shall be located and set back in such a manner so as not to create a traffic hazard.
      (4)   Wildlife refuge and game preserve.
      (5)   Accessory buildings incidental to the principal use which do not include any activity conducted as a business.
      (6)   Signs as regulated by Chapter 1165 .
   (b)   Conditionally Permitted Uses: The Planning Commission may issue Conditional Zoning Certificates for uses listed herein, subject to the general requirements of Chapter 1113 and to the specific requirements of Chapter 1171 referred to below:
      (1)   Home Occupations subject to Section 1171.01(19)
      (2)   Churches and other buildings for the purpose of religious worship subject to Section 1171.01(1),(3),(7),(11),(14), and (17).
      (3)   Cemetery subject to Section 1171.01(3), (7) and (28).
      (4)   Governmentally owned and/or operated buildings or facilities subject to Section 1171.01(3),(7) and (8) and (11).
      (5)   Governmentally owned and/or operated parks and playgrounds subject to Section 1171.01(1),(2),(3),(4),(5),(11) and
      (6)   Governmentally or privately owned and/or operated picnic areas, playgrounds, private parks, swimming facilities, golf course, tennis clubs, country clubs, riding academies and other similar recreational facilities and/or uses, but excluding such commercial recreational uses as drive-in theaters, miniature golf courses, golf driving ranges, rifle ranges, skeet-shooting ranges pistol ranges or other ranges for the use of firearms. Uses permitted under this category shall be subject to Section 1171.01(1),(2),  (3),(4),(5),(17),(30),(31),(35) and (36).
      (7)   Governmentally or privately owned and/or operated parks, recreational areas and campgrounds where camping in tents, trailers and other vehicles, cabins, or lodges is permitted by fee, membership or otherwise, and for overnight or longer periods of time; and day camps, summer camps, health camps and other types of outdoors and/or recreationally oriented uses which involve facilities for group activities and accommodations. Uses permitted under this category shall be subject to Section 1171.01(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (17), (30) (32),(33),(35) and (36).
      (8)   Airports, airfields and landing strips subject to Section 1171.01(1),(4),(5), and (25).
      (9)   Oil and gas wells, drilling and operations necessary for their storage and skimming subject to Chapter 1173.
      (10)   Soil removal and gravel extraction operations subject to Section 1171.01(5), (12), (13), (15),  (16), (17) and (20).
      (11)   Sanitary landfill sites and subject to Section 1171.01(1), (3), (4) and (16).
      (12)   Public utility rights-of-way and pertinent structures subject to Section 1171.01(1) and (10).
(Ord. 1985-26. Passed 5-15-85.)
      (13)   Open air markets subject to Section 1171.01(50). (Ord. 1986-11. Passed 3-5-86.)
      (14)   Bed & Breakfast facilities subject to Section 1171.01(52).
(Ord. 1993-86.  Passed 11-17-93.)