In combination with data available to the City, the developer of a project qualifying for review and approval under the RROD provisions shall be required to conduct studies to determine the existing adequacy and potential impact of the proposed project on city utilities, as well as the traffic flow on streets and at intersections adjacent to the project.  The burden shall be on the developer to demonstrate that the project will not have an adverse impact in regard to the infrastructure.  City staff will advise the developer as to the scope of the special studies and will evaluate and advise the Planning Commission as to its review of the results of the studies and whether staff believes that the studies demonstrate that the project will have no significant impact on city utilities and services.  The Planning Commission may withhold or deny approval to the project under the provisions of Section 1107.05 (a) (5) of the Kent Zoning Code if there is a question as to the adequacy of services needed to serve the development.
(Ord. 2011-38.  Passed 05-18-11).