All new and expanded rooming and boarding houses shall provide adequate parking to their tenants based on the following:
   (a)   Location - Parking areas shall be located in rear yards and are prohibited in the required front and side yard building setbacks as applicable to the zoning district in which the property is located.  Parking may be permitted in the required side yard setbacks up to within five (5) feet of the side property line as long as the applicant can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Planning Commission that such proximity will not negatively impact the abutting property. 
   (b)   Number of Spaces - Unless otherwise permitted, all of the parking spaces shall be located on the subject property.  Minimum parking shall be 1.25 parking spaces per bed
   (c)   Off-Site Parking - Off-site parking, including parking on a public street, may not be used for meeting the minimum parking requirements as set forth in this Chapter, unless the applicant can adequately demonstrate to the Planning Commission that they have exclusive permission from an adjoining property owner to use "excess" spaces available on the adjoining property.  "Excess" spaces are spaces not needed to meet the parking requirements for the use occupying the adjoining property and/or not allocated to the exclusive use of another property.  Not more than sixty (60) percent of the actual rear yard area shall be occupied by the parking area and driveway.
   (d)   Surfacing and Drainage - Parking provided on site shall be paved using concrete or asphalt, however the parking may be installed using a gravel surface if the gravel is contained with an adequate barrier that prevents it from being spread outside of the approved parking area.  Adequate storm drainage shall be provided in accordance with applicable sections of the Kent Codified Ordinances.  In paved lots, the parking spaces shall be striped to the proper dimension.  In gravel lots, parking wheel stops or marked railroad ties shall delineate the parking space locations.  Where gravel parking is used, drive aprons must be installed in accordance with City standards and the first twenty (20) feet of the driveway back from the street must be paved.
   (e)   Size and Layout of Parking Spaces - Parking spaces shall be no less than nine (9) feet wide and eighteen feet (18) deep.  Parallel parking spaces shall be adequately sized in accordance with accepted design practice.  Drive aisles shall be adequately sized to permit the unobstructed movement of vehicles in and out of the site.  Parking areas should be designed, to the extent feasible, in a way that allows cars to pull forward out of the driveway into the street rather than having to back out into the street.  Driveway areas may not be counted as parking spaces unless the driveway is of adequate dimension to allow for the separation of parked cars and cars moving in and out of the site.
   (f)   Landscaping -  Landscaping shall be provided around the perimeter of parking areas to the degree practical and possible and shall be fully contained on the property housing the rooming and boarding house use.  In areas where parking is immediately adjacent to a residential structure on an adjoining property, landscaping shall be provided in a manner so as to provide adequate screening from car lights and outdoor activity areas.
      (Ord. 2017-02.  Passed 1-18-17.)