Lot and dimensional requirements for rooming and boarding houses are stipulated for providing adequate lot size, open area and room for parking.  Even though the dimensional requirements stipulated in this section are the minimum necessary for a rooming house, the Planning Commission when reviewing requests for new rooming houses, shall determine that the size of the property is adequate to provide reasonable open area and room for parking as required by Section 1122.06.
   In reviewing such new requests, the Planning Commission may approve the proposed rooming and boarding house as presented, or may modify or reduce the number of persons permitted to reside in the house if they make a determination that the size of the lot and area allowed for parking is not adequate.  Any expansion of existing, legal rooming houses shall be reviewed using the same criteria.
   (a)   Minimum Lot Size - The minimum lot size for a rooming and boarding house shall be no less than 10,000 square feet.  The Planning Commission may require a larger lot area based on the need to accommodate tenants and parking.  The amount of lot area required shall not be unreasonable or overly restrictive.
   (b)   Setbacks, Lot Width, Frontage - The setbacks, lot width and frontage for a new or expanded rooming and boarding house shall be those specified in the Kent Zoning Code for single family units in the zoning district in which the property is located.  Substandard lot requirements pertaining to setback, lot width and frontage shall not be used to determine compliance with this subsection.
   (c)   Open Space - While there shall be no specific requirement in regard to the amount or size of open space on a lot housing a new or expanded rooming and boarding house, the applicant for such use shall demonstrate to the reasonable satisfaction of the Planning Commission that some open area or recreational space is provided for the residents of the facility that is separate from parking areas.  Front yard areas shall not be used for the purpose of providing such open space.  The Planning Commission may take into account the availability of nearby public parks or public recreation areas as a partial or full substitute for on-site recreational space.
   (d)   Maximum Building Height - The maximum building height of a structure housing a rooming and boarding house shall be the same as the maximum building height stipulated for the zoning district in which the property housing the use is located.
      (Ord. 2015-80.  Passed 4-15-15.)