In the event that there is evidence that a previously approved Limited Home Business or Home Occupation is not being operated in compliance with the provisions contained herein or with any other applicable codes, the City may consider the revocation of the Conditional Zoning Permit or the Zoning Permit.  The revocation will be considered by the Planning Commission in all cases upon the request of the Community Development Department.  Where such action is to be undertaken, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing in accordance with the requirements set forth in Chapter 1107 of the Zoning Code. 
   The Planning Commission will consider all evidence presented to it as part of the public hearing and proceedings related to the revocation.  The Commission may revoke the approval of the Conditional Zoning Permit or Zoning Permit upon a finding that the operation is not in compliance with the requirements set forth herein, as well as noncompliance with any other applicable law.  The Commission may also sustain the previous approval as granted or sustain the previous approval with additional conditions. 
(Ord. 2011-15.  Passed 03-16-11)