Two separate forms (levels) of home business are permitted in accordance with the provisions of this zoning code and are defined below:
   a)   Limited Home Business: A Limited Home Business is the less intensive form of home-based business where the operation is conducted entirely by the residents of the home and there is no advertising contained on the interior or exterior of the structure or property.  The business does not generate traffic or other persons visiting the home.  The specific requirements for a Limited Home Business are contained in Section 1119.04 of this Chapter.
   b)   Home Occupation:  A Home Occupation is the more intensive form of home based business where there may be involvement by residents of the home and one or more persons living outside the home (as may be approved by the Planning Commission).  In addition, the operation may generate advertising on the property, as permitted in Chapter 1165 of this Zoning Code, and may generate some additional traffic in the neighborhood.  The specific requirements for a Home Occupation are contained in Section 1119.05 of this Chapter.
      (Ord. 2011-15.  Passed 03-16-11)