The Planning Commission shall review the proposed development as presented on the submitted application, plans and specifications in accordance with the standards established in this Zoning Ordinance. The Commission may also take into account comments from the administration or the general public in its evaluation of the project.  Whenever it feels necessary, the Commission may attach conditions to the approval of a Site Plan in order to insure the health, safety or welfare of the public as well as the integrity of an existing neighborhood in proximity to the development.
   (a)   Special Studies Required: In the event that the Planning Commission feels that additional information is necessary in order to make its decision, it may instruct the applicant or the administration to conduct additional studies, or seek expert advice. The cost of such studies shall be borne by the applicant but in no event shall such cost exceed one thousand (1,000) dollars, which sum shall be on deposit with the City, upon request of the Commission.
   (b)   Decision: The Planning Commission shall approve or disapprove all applications for a Major Site Plan Review to come before it within sixty (60) days of the initial public meeting at which the project appeared.  Such period may be extended by the Commission with the applicant's consent or at the applicant's request. 
      (Ord. 2011-15.  Passed 03-16-11)