Once a completed Minor or Major Site Plan Review Application has been received, the Community Development Department shall determine the appropriate review and course of action for the project and advise the applicant accordingly.  If the project requires zoning variances, those variances must be reviewed and approved prior to the completion of a Minor Site Plan Review and prior to going in front of the Planning Commission for a Major Site Plan Review.  For projects required to undergo a Major Site Plan Review an appropriate date at which the application will be presented to the Planning Commission will be tentatively set.  At the applicant's request, the project may be presented conceptually to the Commission prior to the formal review for the Planning Commission's comments, however, no final action is permitted as part of the conceptual review.  Upon submission of the full and complete application by the applicant, the following procedure shall be followed:
   (a)   Minor Site Plan Review:   Projects only subject to a Minor Site Plan Review will be reviewed internally by the Community Development Department and other City Departments as may be appropriate.  Such plans may be rejected, approved as submitted or approved with modifications and conditions by the Community Development Department.  Any denial or rejection of such plans may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals as prescribed in the appeal process set forth in Chapter 1109 of the Zoning Code.  There shall be no public hearing or other public notification for such projects.  A zoning permit may not be issued until the plans submitted for a Minor Site Plan Review have been reviewed and approved for compliance will all City and State Codes, including but not limited to this Zoning Code and Chapter 1339 (Technical Plan Review) of the Kent Codified Ordinances.
   (b)   Major Site Plan Review:  Projects requiring a Major Site Plan Review shall be processed in the following manner:
      (1)   Administrative Review: The Community Development Department will circulate copies of the submitted site plans to the following departments or committees: Engineering,  Building, Police, Safety, Fire, Health, Community Development and the Parks / Recreation Department where appropriate. Each reviewer will be asked submit their comments on the project as appropriate.
      (2)   Public Notification: The date, time and place of the Planning Commission public meeting involving the review of the request for a Major Site Plan Review shall be published in each of the following ways:
         (A)   Once in a newspaper of general circulation in the City at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the hearing.
         (B)   Written notice of the meeting shall be mailed by the Community Development Department by regular mail at least fifteen (15) days before the date of the meeting to the owners of property within and contiguous to and directly across the street from any part of the property or 200 feet from the property, whichever is greater, and the addresses of such owners shall be those as appear on the County Auditor's current tax list or the Treasurer's mailing list. The notice shall include an indication to such owners the nature of the project to be considered by the Commission at the meeting.
         (C)   The Community Development Department shall post a sign advertising the proposed project, the date and time of the initial meeting. The sign shall be posted at the site not less than seven (7) days prior to the date of the meeting.
            (Ord. 2011-15.  Passed 03-16-11)