In the case where a variance has been approved, the applicant may obtain a zoning permit in accordance with Section 1105.05(b) of this Ordinance. The applicant shall comply with all the regular procedures and restrictions set forth in Chapter 1105 of this Ordinance.
   The applicant shall have two years from the date on which the variance was approved, in which to obtain the necessary zoning permit. In the case that a permit is not obtained within this time period, the approval shall lapse and become null and void. In order to have the variance re-approved, the applicant must comply with all application procedures and requirements set forth in this Chapter. 
   In cases where the Planning Commission or other board or commission as may be provided for in this Zoning Ordinance has review authority over the project and that review comes after the Board of Zoning Appeals decision, the two year period for obtaining the zoning permit shall start from the date of the last applicable approval.
(Ord. 2011-15.  Passed 03-16-11)