Chap. 1101.   Title, Interpretation, and Conflict
Chap. 1103.   Definitions
Chap. 1105.   Administration and Enforcement
Chap. 1107.   Conditional Zoning Certificates and Specially Permitted Uses
Chap. 1109.   Board of Zoning Appeals
Chap. 1111.   Zoning Amendments
Chap. 1113.   Site Plan Review and Conformance
Chap. 1115.   (Reserved for Future Use)
Chap. 1117.   (Reserved for Future Use)
Chap. 1119.   Home Based Businesses
Chap. 1120.   Architectural Design Review
Chap. 1121.   Design Overlay Districts
Chap. 1122.   Rooming and Boarding Houses
Chap. 1123.   Districts Established; Zoning Map
Chap. 1125.   Residential Redevelopment Overlay District
Chap. 1127.   O R: Open Space  Recreation District
Chap. 1129.   R 1: Low Density Residential District
Chap. 1131.   R 2: Medium Density Residential District
Chap. 1132.   Preservation Alternate
Chap. 1133.   R 3: High Density Residential District
Chap. 1134.   R 3A: Extended High Density Residential District
Chap. 1135.   R 4: Multifamily Residential District
Chap. 1137.   R C: High Density Multifamily Commercial Urban Residential District
Chap. 1139.   N-C: Neighborhood-Commercial District
Chap. 1141.   C: Commercial District
Chap. 1143.   IC R: Intensive Commercial  Residential District
Chap. 1145.   C R: Commercial High Density Multifamily Residential District
Chap. 1146.   C D: Commercial Downtown.
Chap. 1147.   U:  University District
Chap. 1149.   Central City Redevelopment Overlay District Code.
Chap. 1151.   L-I: Light-Industrial District
Chap. 1153.   I R: Industrial Research And Office District
Chap. 1155.   I:  Industrial District
Chap. 1161.   Supplementary Regulations
Chap. 1163.   General Performance Standards
Chap. 1164.   Sound Control Ordinance.
Chap. 1165.   Signage.
Chap. 1167.   Site Access, Parking and Loading
Chap. 1168.   Landscaping, Buffering and Screening
Chap. 1169.   Nonconforming Uses, Structures and Lots
Chap. 1171.   Conditionally Permitted Use Regulations
Chap. 1173.   Oil & Gas Well Regulations
Chap. 1174.   Floodplain Regulations
Chap. 1175.   Group Homes
APPENDIX A.   Design Guidelines for the Kent Design Overlay District
APPENDIX B.   Sign Design Guidelines
TITLE SEVEN - Subdivision Regulations
Chap. 1177.   General Provisions
Chap. 1179.   Definitions
Chap. 1181.   Administration and Enforcement
Chap. 1183.   Procedures
Chap. 1185.   Plan and Plat Specifications.
Chap. 1187.   Design Standards
Chap. 1189.   Improvements
Chap. 1191.   Parks and Recreation Fee
APPENDIX A -   Typical Minor Subdivision Map
APPENDIX B -   Application for Preliminary Plan Approval
APPENDIX C -   Preliminary Steps Certification Form
APPENDIX D -   Typical Preliminary Plan Subdivision Map
APPENDIX E -   Application for Final Plat Approval
APPENDIX F -    Typical Final Plat Subdivision Map
APPENDIX G -   Examples of Certifications and Statements
APPENDIX H -   Pavement Cross Sections
APPENDIX I -   Typical Planting Plan
Chap. 1193 .   Resource Management Plans
Chap. 1195.   Floodways and Floodplains (Repealed)
Chap. 1197.   Stormwater Drainage Systems
Chap. 1199 .   Erosion Controls
Chap. 1201.   Riparian and Wetland Buffers
Chap. 1203.   Low Impact Development