The application for a masseur or masseuse permit shall contain the following:
   (a)   Name and residence address;
   (b)   Social security number and driver's license number, if any;
   (c)   Applicant's weight, height, color of hair and eyes;
   (d)   Written evidence that the applicant is at least eighteen years of age;
   (e)   Business, occupation, or employment of the applicant for the three years preceding the date of application.
   (f)   Whether the applicant has been convicted of, pleaded nolo contendre to, or suffered a forfeiture on a bond involving a charge of committing any crime except minor traffic violations within the last five years. If the answer is in the affirmative, a statement must be made giving the place and the court in which such conviction, plea or forfeiture was had, the specific charge under which the conviction, plea or forfeiture was obtained, and the sentence imposed as a result thereof;
   (g)   The Chief of Police, or his/her delegate, shall have the right to take fingerprints and a photograph of the applicant and the right to confirm the information submitted;
   (h)   All persons who desire to perform the services of masseur or masseuse at a massage establishment shall first undergo a physical examination for contagious and communicable diseases, which shall include a recognized blood test for syphilis, a culture for gonorrhea, a test or tests which will demonstrate freedom from tuberculosis, which is to be made and interpreted by a licensed physician acceptable to the Health Commissioner, and such other laboratory tests done in a laboratory acceptable to the Health Commissioner, as may be necessitated by the above examination, and shall furnish to the Health Commissioner a certificate based upon the applicant's physical examination and issued within thirty days of such examination, signed by a physician duly licensed by the State and stating that the person examined is either free from any contagious or communicable disease or incapable of communicating any of such diseases to others. Such persons shall undergo the physical examination referred to above and submit to the Health Commissioner the certificate required herein prior to commencement of their employment and at least once every six months thereafter.
(Ord. 1980-166. Passed 10-15-80.)