Every applicant for a permit to maintain, operate or conduct a massage establishment shall file an application in duplicate under oath, with the Health Department upon a form provided by the Health Department and pay a nonrefundable filing fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to the Director of Finance who shall issue a receipt which shall be attached to the application filed with the Health Department.
   The Health Department shall, within five days, refer copies of such application to the Fire Department, the Building Department and the Police Department. Those departments shall, within thirty days, inspect the premises proposed to be operated as a massage establishment and make written recommendations to the Health Department concerning compliance with the codes that they administer.
   Within ten days of receipt of the recommendations of the aforesaid department, the Health Department shall notify the applicant that his/her application is granted, denied or held for further investigation. The period of such additional investigation shall not exceed an additional thirty days unless otherwise agreed to by the applicant. Upon the conclusion of such additional investigation, the Health Department shall advise the applicant, in writing whether the applicant ion is granted or denied.
   Whenever an application is denied or held for further investigation, the Health Department shall advise the applicants in writing of the reasons for such action.
   The failure or refusal of the applicant to give promptly any information relevant to the investigation of the application or his/her refusal to submit to or cooperate with any inspection required by this chapter shall constitute an admission by the applicant that he or she is ineligible for such permit and shall be grounds for denial thereof by the Health Commissioner.
(Ord. 1980-166. Passed 10-15-80.)