Chap. 701.  Air Pollution Control
Chap. 703.  Water Pollution Control
Chap. 709.  Billiards and Pool
Chap. 713.  Bowling Alleys
Chap. 717.  Circuses, Carnivals and Temporary Amusements
Chap. 721.  Drive-In Businesses; Regulation of Vehicles
Chap. 723.  Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Change Efforts.
Chap. 737.  Second-Hand Dealers
Chap. 741.  Pawnbrokers
Chap. 745.  Peddlers and Solicitors.
Chap. 746.  Film Permits.
Chap. 747.  Sales and Special Sales
Chap. 749.  Taxicab Regulations
Chap. 753.  Trailers and Trailer Camps
Chap. 755.  Transportation Systems
Chap. 757.  Massage Establishments
Chap. 759.  Late Night Sales
Chap. 763.  Video Service Provider Fee.
Chap. 767.  Cable Television
Chap. 769.  Garage Sales
Chap. 770.  Amusement Arcades