(A)   The Chief of Police of the town shall prepare and maintain an eligible list of those persons, firms or corporations (hereinafter called “garages”) having businesses in or around the town, who apply as qualified to tow and store automobiles and trucks from the streets and other public places in the town at the request of the Police Department.
   (B)   To qualify for the eligible list, the applicant must have available at all times equipment in good condition capable of towing any automobile or truck, regardless of size or weight, from the streets and other public or private places in the town when called upon to do so.
   (C)   The applicant must agree to assume the obligation:
      (1)   To promptly tow and store all vehicles to be removed from the public streets or other public places or private property upon request of the Police Department;
      (2)   To issue a receipt to the Police Department for each vehicle towed;
      (3)   To remove from the scene of the motor vehicle accident, in which the vehicle to be towed was involved, all glass, metal or debris caused by the accident; and
      (4)   To comply with the provisions of this chapter under pain of removal from the eligible list.
   (D)   Towing and storage charges incurred in the impounding of any vehicle under the provisions of this chapter shall be the full responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.
(Ord. passed 11-1-1971)  Penalty, see § 10.99