For purposes of this chapter, the term "public works" shall mean the following: any constructing, altering, reconstructing, repairing, rehabilitating, refinishing, refurbishing, remodeling, remediating, renovating, custom fabricating, maintenance, landscaping, improving, moving, wrecking, painting, decorating, demolishing, and adding to or subtracting from any public building, structure, airport facility, highway, roadway, street, alley, bridge, sewer, drain, ditch, sewage disposal plant, waterwork, parking facility, railroad, excavation, or other project, development, real property, or improvement, or to do any part thereof, whether or not the performance of the work herein described involves the addition to, or fabrication into, any structure, project or development, real property or improvement herein described of any material or article of merchandise which is paid for out of a public fund or out of a special assessment. The term also includes any public works leased by the City under a lease containing an option to purchase. (Ord. 2011-5, 10-10-2011)